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---==About Us==---

Howdy all.
Welcome to the new brand of Ragnarok Online Gaming. Ragnarok Online was the game which had 40 million people play today.No doubt bout that. Here we present the ReokaRagnarokOnline or RRO.With a hardwork by staff, support from dearest players,we are able to recreate this game come back to life once more.After problem by problem,we learn how to survive, we learn how to be tough, and we learn how to improvised ourself in order to give a fun,cheerful moment and unforgetable memories. The most important thing is we are non-donated server.Which mean we are maybe the only one are Free To Play.Just a litle encouragement,skill and knowledge you can be Top 10 or Top 5. Who knows.Well last words,come to join us for more real gaming experience.Regards.

---==Our Description==---

Server 24/7
Max 193 aspd
Latest client
Latest content
Renewal Server
Max Zeny 2 Billion
No Bias or Corrupted Staff
No Donation Item,Healing,Equipment,Card and etc
2nd job and 3nd Job Are Available(Included Oboro,Kagerou
& Doram)

Level Chart Explain
1st Class - 99lvl and 10job
2nd Class - 99lvl and 50 job
High 1st Class - 99lvl and 10job
Trascendent 2nd Class - 99lvl and 70job
3rd Class - 175lvl and 60 job
Expended Class - 99lvl and 99job
Expended Transcedent Class - 160lvl and 50job
Baby Novice & Baby 1st Class - 99lvl and 50job
Baby 2nd Class - 99lvl and 50job
Baby 3rd Class - 175lvl and 60job
Expended Baby Class - Disable

Rate Percentage
Drop Rate Common : 200.00x
Drop Rate Equipment : 100.00x
Experience Rate: (Job - 120.00x & Base - 120.00x)
Drop Rate Card: (Normal Card 600.00x = 30% & MVP Card 100.00x = 10%)

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---==We Provide==---

Active GM
WOE Global
Stable Server
Our Story NPC
No Custom Card
Baby Job Changer
Custom Event Map
Experienced staff
No Imbalanced Card
Custom healing pot
Extraordinarily Fun WOE
Support to 9 Character Creation
Freebies for player
Automated Event
Guild Pack for player
Much more hairstyle,hair colour and cloth colour
Help-Desk npc that gonna help player along the journey
Custom and perfect event either host by staff or automated
Anti DDOS Server and Asian Hosting which is make it lag free
Custom PVP arena(Novice,Item Strict,Pot Strict,Low LVL,High Lvl and etc)
Custom cmd for player which is state for staff before like @pettalk and etc

---==Command Player==---

@jailtime Use to check a jailtime
@duel Use to challenge another player
@load Use to remove back to save point
@autoloot Use to get all item,card,etc
@go Use to warp to town is desperate xD
@hominfo Check status of your homunculus
@rates Use to check the rates for server
@storage Use to open you storage anywhere
@alootid Use to get specific item,card etc
@autotrade Use to open a shop while you afk
@showexp Use to know eate of recieve experience
@whodrops Use to know which item drop by those mob
@mobinfo Use to know where,what type etc for monster
@reject Use to reject challenge another player duel
@iteminfo or @ii Use to check description of targetting item
@deletecharacter Use to delete you character if got some error
@minimart Use for easiest method to buy a pot without return to town
and many more while in game .

---==Our Freebies==---

Doppelganger card 2x
Dark Lord Card 1x
Dark Illusion Card 1x
Exp Book 300%

---==**For More Server Information Go To** ==---

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